Old News



All of the Microman sections of the site have been removed in preparation for the move of the site to a new home. You might wonder why I'd need to remove the Microman stuff. Well, as soon as it gets to the new site, it will be in it's new dynamic, database driven format! You'll be able to choose what you want to view, do searches and more. I've been planning this for over a year now, so it's nice to see it come to fruition finally. Look for lots to be happening next week.

In other news, the CD-ROM is moving along nicely and Willy and I have started work on the Micropola magazine. We will have a preview issue in time for the MicroCon this fall.

Oh and today is my 6th wedding anniversary!


Some additions to the Henshin Cyborg section; all costumes. They are Shine X, Birdman, Space X2, subform Amaluk, subform Torg, and Plazma A.

Also added Robotman to the home page to your right. Enjoy.


Finally starting to get back to updating the site! Just some modest changes tonight.

Added ritzy new backgrounds to the Henshin Cyborg Jaguar pages. Figure 07, and Figure 08.

Added three new items to the Focus On section; A Study Uniquer, the M23X series and the M11X series. Had some fun with these. Hope you enjoy!

As soon as I can get my digital camera out, I'll be adding tons of new photos of Microman and Henshin Cyborg pieces. Look for 'em soon!


Apologies are owed. I pissed a few people off with my inattentiveness to some ongoing deals. Basically I took (am taking) a lot longer to mail stuff out than I should. No excuses, my life got even more hectic than it was, so the toy stuff got pushed to the back. My fault entirely. I apologize.


The new Micro Message Forum is safely up and running! I think the interface is much better and it also allows you to subscribe to it via e-mail, etc. Try it out if you haven't already. In conjunction with this, I have also replaced the link on the navbar to the old Micro Message Board with a link to this new Forums section. At some point I hope to move all the old messages over to the new Forum so that they aren't lost.

I've added a section to the Forum that is basically a diary on my part. Just allows me to make everyone aware of what's going on in my life as far as toys go. I'm sure other stuff will creep in there too. I hope to use this section to keep everyone updated on the status of any deals pending with me as well (alan, paul and the others, everything is on the way to you! Sorry for the huge delay!).

I'd also like to mention a new toy site out there. This is FantAsia Toys, an online toy shop, and they deal specifically with, you guessed it, toys from Asia. There are both new and old items to be had, including new Medicoms, old Gatchaman diecasts, and... MICROMAN! Check it out. And make sure you compliment them on the snazzy design job!

Sorry, no new content really. As if life wasn't hectic enough for me, I also just took on a major ongoing freelance job that is/will suck more time out of my life. Good, since I can afford my Henshin habit, bad since I can't take the time to do much updating of the site.

The best part about it is, I'm learning LOTS of cool interactive web stuff which I will of course use to make this site ultra interactive sometime this year if all goes well. Think searchable databases of all the Microman/Micronauts/Henshin stuff; think dynamically created pages custom tailored to exactly what you want to see/look at; think entire sections that will allow YOU to update the site with new pictures and information! The possibilities are endless as I get more and more familiar with this new stuff.

You thought Cold Fusion was cool? Pfaugh! Wait til you see what can be accomplished on a mac!


You might have noticed that the Micro Message Board will no longer accept posts from you kind and gentle people. My ISP moved my site from one internal server to another and it seems to have screwed with all my CGI stuff. No amount of fudging on my part has made any difference, so, I have decided to implement a new Micro Message Forum. This Forum is much easier to use, much more intuitive and has a lot more features than the old one. Please try it out and post messages. I'll be moving all the old messages over as soon as I can.

Also, the Superman Blocks link below has been fixed.


Gordon sent me this scan of the front of the box for a Taiwanese knock-off of the Microman Mecha Acroyear, called Superman Blocks. Gordon says it's a pretty nicely built knock-off, as most of the Taiwanese Microman knock-offs tend to be for some reason.

Added another vehicle to the line of Timanic stuff. This one is the Time Machine 2.

Retro-updated the Microman 21 section with pics of the Command 2 series. Can't remember who sent these to me, so if it was you, lmk and I'll credit you. Sorry!

More pics of the Popy 8" dolls, including Ultraman Jonias and Kamen Rider 1.


Again, Posted a slew of new items for sale on my for sale page. Lots of figures, some carded.


I finally got around to adding a link to the MicroBoard Instructions page to the Navigational Menu. I also added a link to it from the bottom of the MicroBoard Login page. Hopefully this will make it easy for everyone who wants to post messages on the MicroBoard to do so. Sorry it took so long to do this 5-minute change!

I also added two more costumes to the Henshin Cyborg section; Shine X and RockBaron S, both non-licensed characters that came early on in the Henshin line-up.

You might also notice that I finally archived the old news onto it's own page with a link at the top of this page. All the news for the last month or so can still be found below.


Ray sent me this e-mail today and I checked it out. It's a nice little slot machine type game for us Cyborg fans, utilizing Macromedia Shockwave. Check it out! The Wallpaper is for Windoze machines.

X-From_: rmiller2@WVNVM.WVNET.EDU Wed Dec 31 09:25:19 1997
From: "Ray Miller" <rmiller2@wvu.edu>
To: "Ron Pringle" <sensoria@tezcat.com>
Subject: Funky Cyborg Fun
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 1997 10:21:34 -0500
X-MSMail-Priority: Normal
X-Priority: 3
MIME-Version: 1.0

I checked out Takara's Hp (TarakaLand) & found a funky little Cyborg game! It's a little game where - if you win - you get to see & keep a couple of little Cyborg (new & classic) wallpaper.

The Walpaper is at http://mall.ec.infoweb.ne.jp/TAKARA-BAKO/GLLRY/good.htm

The Game is at...


Just hit start, & stop the pictures in each slot with the little red button. When you get 3 like pictures, you get the good.htm page. The lower left button is "Play Again", the lower right button is "back".



Finally taking a bit of a break from the house to update the site with some new stuff. First up is a picture of the rare Deluxe #3 Timanic figure. Check the Timanic section of the site for this character and e-mail me if you have one for sale or trade!

Some major updates to the Henshin section of the site. There are now pictures of three of the four different King Waldars. The blue and yellow ones are very striking. Also new in the figure section are pictures of the blue and gold interior Cyborg Jaguars. All can be gotten to by going to the Henshin Figures section. I have also updated the costumes section with a large selection of Jaguar costumes. And don't forget to check out the misc. section for a look at the cover of the new Henshin Cyborg book.

A lot more is on the way soon.


Just a quick update; a scan of the cover of the relatively new Henshin Cyborg book that was recently released in Japan. The link is under the Henshin section, under misc. at the very bottom.


Finally, a rare glimpse into the mysterious world of the endangered species known as the Toy Collector. The following link offers insight into the creature's habitat as he constructs it. Fascinating... And now, the HOUSE FROM HELL.


New version of the Complete Micronauts Checklist. This one is in color... wheeee...


Please check out the new prototype design for this site and let me know what you think. Most of the links do not work yet, except for the about link.

Also, if you haven't already, check out Willy Jones' MicroNet site for lots of new info on the impending Marvel Micronauts comic, a Ken Kelly book featuring the aliens card art and word of new pseudo-Red Falcon Clone toys on the cheap.



Just a bit of a humorous update today! Here's a piece of e-mail I received:

X-From_: gtpenn@netnitco.net Thu Nov 27 16:27:35 1997
Reply-To: <gpenn@theonramp.net>
From: "greg penn" <gtpenn@netnitco.net>
To: <sensoria@tezcat.com>
Subject: Micronauts_For_Sale
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 16:24:27 -0800
X-MSMail-Priority: Normal
X-Priority: 3
MIME-Version: 1.0

You worthless, godless, hopeless, sexless, fuckless piece of squirrel
shit!!! Why do you even advertise on the net if you're so god damned
fucking stupid that you won't even answer inquiries??!! I lay awake at
night dreaming of you burning in the lowest, dirtiest bowels of Hell!!! Go fuck yourself, you loser!!!!

Now, I should be mad, but really, I'm just mildly amused by behavior like this. Apparently, this person has sent me e-mail previously, and I didn't respond. Considering the server being down and my ISP problems and lack of ability to check mail, and then being away for the holidays, most likely that is why I didn't answer. But whatever. Now I'm really not going to answer for any reason. Sorry, but childish behavior like this is a disgrace. Just because we are child-like in our love of toys does not mean we get to act like 10 year old hooligans; well, unless he really is 10 years old... hmmm.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!



Ok, seems as if the problems with the site have been more or less worked out. I still have about 1% access to my dial-in account, which means I'm still having difficulty checking and responding to e-mail.

For those who don't know, the site has more or less been down since Friday (at least) until sometime this afternoon. If you didn't notice then you haven't been visiting enough! I recommend twice a day, you never know what you might have missed the first time... besides, it's an easy way to slack off while at work (which is where I typically do my updates from! Shhhh.)



Insane Rant of the day:

Today is not a good toy day. Today I am depressed by what I see around me in our little toy collecting community. I started collecting Micronauts way back when because I wanted things from my childhood. I continued collecting them because I found myself part of a small, tightly knit community that seemed more interested in swapping parts and info than in screwing each other over, like in the real world.

Well, as they say, the neighborhood has changed. People are no longer patient or timely in their deals, myself included. In many cases friendship is taken for granted, instead of being seen for the treasure it is...

I recently read Tom Franck's article about the state of Japanese Toy collecting and words like "cuthroat" and "bloodthirsty" keep popping up. It seems that we are literally at war with each other to see who can amass the most toys... Is this really ok? Is this really the way it should be? Do any of you really care what I have in my collection as opposed to your own?

Tom Vigneau recently held an auction for a "rare" Roman-do release that was sold only at the Toy show he attended in Japan. I think it ended up selling for something like $300. That makes me ill. It makes me ill that someone would actually pay $300 for something that was released about 1-2 months ago; something that is simply a rehash of a 20 year old toy. Or that someone would even be in the position where they could consider selling said toy for that much. And don't make the mistake of thinking that I am targeting Tom or whoever ended up buying this piece from him. I'm not. We are all guilty of at least attempting this exact same tactic. Hell, that's what dealers do; how they make a living... but we are not dealers, we are collectors. It seems to me we do each other a huge disservice everytime we try this tactic on a fellow collector.

As they say on RTAF, 1:1, that's my philosophy... well, at least I wish it was. I'm just as guilty as anyone else. In a perfect world we'd all trade everything at cost and toys would be worth their original retail value...

I've had very troubling dealings with a few people recently that have really cast a shadow over the pleasure I derive from collecting toys. Sometimes you really do get in too deep. And it's always the bad deals that have a way of dragging themselves out interminably. Personally, I'm tired of people who just refuse to admit that they are wrong, or that they have overstepped the bounds of etiquette. A simple "I'm sorry" will suffice, thank you very much. God knows I've had to apologize for some ludicrous actions of my own.

Recently, on the Mego Mailing list, there have been some warm and fuzzy posts about comradeship and community, all centered around or inspired by the Mego Museum site and the Mego Mailing list. These people trade parts and pieces, buy and sell amongst themselves, generally way below book prices, once a week. They are a true virtual community and a testament to the power of the web. I don't see any of that amongst our little community...

The closest I've ever come to this is at the MicroCon. The handful of us there, hanging out, was the essence of why I got into this in the first place. I wish I could meet up with these guys once a month to reaffirm that feeling. And I wish more people had come.

The best part about that is that I now take none of them for granted. I see them as real human beings with real problems and other life concerns that have nothing to do with toys. Because of that I am able to more easily forgive them for such "evil" transgressions as sending something out late. I also trust them enough to do open-ended trades, knowing that in the end they'll come back with something for me.

Which brings me full circle. As some of you out there are aware, I have my hands more than full with real life issues that are way above and beyond the importance of toys, e-mail or this site. Consequently, I have spent much of my recent time dealing with those things, which means that things have not been sent out on time recently, the site has gone without any substantial updates for some time and I have not been replying to the bulk of my e-mail for a while now. This will most likely continue for some time to come.

In light of all this, I ask you to be patient in expecting responses to e-mail you may send me. Don't take it personally, I'm not ignoring you personally, but everyone in general! And please feel free to post to the Micro Message Board. If you scroll down this page a bit, there are links to the pages that you need to access to set up your password and alias in order to post on the site.




Made a minor change to the homepage to allow the navbar on the left to autoscroll for you unfortunate souls who have smaller monitors than I do!

Oh, and if you are truly bored and pathetic and want to know what the four biggest movers and shakers in the Micronauts world look like, then check out the credits page and click on the Gang of Five link to access a picture of the notorious ne'er do wells taken this past summer at MicroCon...


Happy All Hallow's Eve all. hope you're indulging in pagan rituals across the face of this great planet of ours.

Creepsville Online - NEW! This amazing site will appeal to the fringe element in all of us! My good buddy Frank has put his throwback era cool comic Creepsville online, along with Roy Ware's famous Black Sun, which is the premiere guide to live action Japanese shows, Giant Robot crap, etc. There are also reviews of totally wacked out cult movies, B-movies, Mexican wresting films and home video horrorama stuff. I urge you to order any and all back issues of Creepsville as well. Check this place out, you will not be disappointed.


 Believe it or not, I've been updating the Microman section of the site, adding more pictures. In addition to the huge volume of information that's already up there, I've added pictures of all the following: Titan Command Base, M115 Conning Tower, Robotman, Robotman Drill Tank set, Robotman Bulldozer set and Micro Robot 1. Follow the Microman link on the nav bar. Most of the changes take place in the years 1974-1977, and there are lots more on the way.



More small micro changes to the site. The In Focus section has now been moved to the navigational menu where it always belonged. The entire section which used to feature various one shots from my collection has been trashed. The relevant rarities, prototypes and variations have been moved to the Prototypes page. The Prototypes section can also be reached by clicking on the Strike A Pose menu selection in the navigational bar to the left.

Also added version one of the Complete Micronauts Checklist.


Lots of little things. First off, I've posted three very interesting rumor messages on the Message Board. Follow the log-in link to the left over there. New Micronauts Jumbo Machinders on the way? You'll never know unless you check the message board...

I have taken the liberty of removing the entire archive of Instruction Sheets from the site. I still have them onhand and I can forward them via e-mail to people who request them, but they were just sucking up way too much server space that I needed for other projects. However, if anyone wishes to host the Instruction Sheets on some web space they have, I'd be more than happy to turn them over and provide a link. LMK.

I have also eliminated the "misc. toys" section under Related Toys for space reasons. I also slightly modified the credits page just for the hell of it.

I am working on a complete overhaul of the entire site as well, but I suspect it'll be some time before this sees the light of day.


Minor update. Added a link on the Links page for Jeroen Zuiderwijk's Pre-Transformers Page. This is basically the missing link site, that fills in all the info this site is missing about Micro Change, Diaclones and Transformers. It connects the remnants of the Microman line to the Transformers quite nicely and there are plenty of info and pictures to go around. Do yourself a big favor and spend some time poking around here.


Updated the Henshin section again (can you tell where my interests lie now?). Some very special treats are awaiting you! Lots of pictures of Cyborg, Muton and Android, the 8" English versions of Henshin Cyborg. Also added pictures of the Muton's Subform, Amaluk costume to the costumes section. More on the way...

Updated the Star Mites section to include pictures of two more Star Mites; Thor and Vulcan 1. Thor is a green lemon-headed ginch! Check him out! And if you're familiar with the UFO Commander 7 series of diecasts, you'll probably recognize the Vulcan 1.

As usual, the for sale and wanted pages have been updated again. Pretty much a weekly thing these days.

These updates may be few and far between these days, because, as I noted below, I'm ripping apart my house and I've got to get it insulated and rebuilt before the Heat Miser and Mr. Frost conspire to fleece me of my hard-earned cash via the insidious heating bill... And for those of you who are insanely bored and/or completely obsessed with me and my life, I'll be putting up a small site that tracks the progress of my house with pictures and invective insight!

Please, please, please check out my Wanted list and fill in the holes of my collection! The sooner I finish my Micronauts collection the sooner there'll be one less collector out there competing with you all!!! Boy that was pathetic and shameless...

Well, if I don't fall off the roof (or get pushed by my wife or the cats...) I'll update again in a week. Enjoy.




The for sale and wanted pages have been updated.

Henshin Cyborg section has been massively updated. Five new costumes added, reworked the history section and revised the figures section as well. Lots of cool stuff to see.

Added a Miscellaneous section to the Other Toys part of the website. This is just to feature odds and ends that I think are neat or stupid enough to deserve a little attention. Some of the items featured here include the Shogun Warriors Gaikings, Gaiking Bazoler and Kondar; a Shogun knockoff; a funkee Bumblebee diecast. More to come.

A quick apology to anyone still waiting for their toys. I've been splitting my time between attending to family health matters, gutting and remodeling the entire second floor of my house, and installing a spiffy new roof on my sister's house (who lives four hours away to boot). A bunch of stuff went out today and the rest will go out tomorrow! This would also account for my lack of response to e-mails at times. I don't hate you and I'm not ignoring you, I swear!

Take care all.




Once again, updated the For Sale list. I just added the Microman BuildBase and the Italian Red Falcon, both high class, hard to come by items. This is the Red Falcon highlighted in the pictures on this site (check the links under the 08/07 entry below) and the Buildbase featured in the BuildBase In Focus section.

Also, please note that I'll be offline from Saturday, August 23rd until Thursday, August 28th. Either get in touch with me before the 23rd or after the 28th. Any offers on anything I have for sale that are made while I'm offline will be handled on a first come, first served basis, so speak up if you want something.

I've been working on many other updates to the site, including the seemingly popular Star Mites section and my favorite section, Henshin Cyborg. I might get the updates online before the 23rd, but don't count on it!

Enjoy, and thanks to everyone for the continued support and information. You help make this site what it is...




Updated the For Sale list. Many, many items removed, plus a few added, including some Shogun Warriors stuff.

What! You wanted new content? Well, come over to my house and help me totally gut and remodel the entire second floor of my house and I'll take some time out to add some stuff!




New box art is on the menu for today. First we start with an appetizer of English Ultronic Scooter, followed by a main course of Italian Red Falcon. Both can be picked up ala carte at the Boxart Buffet.

Burp. Mmm, it does go well with the chicken!

If that wasn't a big enough helping of Red Falcon, then check out the Gallery of Interesting Pieces for a three picture dessert. Here you'll find a new section on Red Falcon featuring three large photographs of Red Falcon in all his regal glory.

The Popy 8" Figures section has also been updated with more extensive historical and background information as well as a complete listing of every character featured in the line.


Updated the Henshin Cyborg section of the site with a few new items, including pictures of the Apolloid Z and Rainbowman costumes. Also, pictures and descriptions of the Cyborg Command Station CX1 and a host of other accessories were added, including pictures of a set of legs for Android A!

Yet another non-micronauts related section was added to Related Toys. The new section is on Star Mites, a group of quirky diecast figures released in the late seventies by (gasp!) an American toy company. Ok, they were made in Taiwan, but still... Worth a gander, you won't be sorry!

Upcoming additions include more box art (I swear to god that I will have a scan of the front of every Micronauts box before I'm done!), detail photos of Red Falcon, a better history and background info on the Popy 8" dolls, more pictures of Star Mites, the final vehicle on the Timanic series (Timemachine 01), a whole new misc. toys section... and who knows what else.

Enjoy. feedback? send it to: sensoria@tezcat.com


Added a new non-micronauts related section (gasp!) to the site. This is a small section on the Popy 8" Mego-Style figures released in the 1970's in Japan. There are pics of Kamen Rider V3, Ken from Gatchaman, the Battle Fever series and three Ultraman characters. Check it out under the misnamed Related Toys section or just go straight there by clicking on the word Popy. A big thanks to Brian Heiler for the info and pictures.


Many minor little things have been changed or fixed on the site recently. First and foremost, I removed the rotating link banners at the top of the menu bar to the left. Gone, daddy, gone. Those were implemented using Javascript, which Internet Explorer for the PC didn't support; and neither did AOL's built-in browser. So they're gone. Hopefully this will end the problems anyone is having accessing the site.

I also fixed the Toy Station link on the links page. There was a period missing between the www and the subsequent text, making for a broken link.

Once again, the For Sale/Wanted pages have been updated, mostly to remove old items and to post some new stuff I'm looking for.

Some people were having problems with the links to the Henshin Cyborg sections of the site that are listed below (06/20/97 update). Those links are now fixed. Sorry 'bout that!

Soon I'll be trimming the fat from the site, eliminating some superfluous stuff, trying to get it back to a hardcore collector's site. I will also be shifting the focus from a Micronauts point of view to a more wide-ranging focus. To that end, many things will get juggled around. All toy lines currently on the site will get equal billing instead of being listed as adjuncts to the Micronauts line.

I think that's it...



Finally! PARTY INFO! For all you hopeless Micro geeks that will be attending the MicroCon, I'm having a party on Saturday, July 5th. Go to the party page for details and instructions on how to get to my place in Chicago! It's about a 30 minute drive and I'm sure we can arrange transportation for anyone without...

Plenty more news and pics after the Con! Hope to see you all there! Make sure you stop me and say hi!




Ok, a bunch of stuff all at once. First off, the fan art section has been updated to include some more drawings by Chris Miller. Check 'em out! And I urge anyone else who wants to contribute to please do so!

The Henshin Cyborg Costumes section has been updated to include a few new costumes that have recently fallen into my grubby hands! Zee new costumes are Lion Maru and Kamen Rider V3! If you do nothing else today, go and check out Lion Maru, which is one of the features in the Focus On section. He is what makes this hobby worthwhile.

Thought I'd been ignoring the boxart section? Well, I tweaked it a tiny little bit by adding pictures of a carded Antron to the section. Check him out! He'll soon be joined by a carded red Pharoid and an Italian carded Membros and Centaurus, as well as box art from Lobstros, Ampzilla, Red Falcon, Italian Hornetroid and Italian Terraphant! How's that?

Oh yeah, there are also two shots of a carded Questar in the Metal Man section. From these shots, you can see what his paint job is supposed to look like.

And, the icing on the cake, the antenna on the Terraphant; I've done up a whole big Focus On feature on the mysterious bootleg Microman figure mentioned on the Micro Message Board! Check it out for in-depth pics of the figure, who I've named Gaijin, the exosuits and the weapon that came with him! Gaijin will also be featured at MicroCon!

Speaking of MicroCon, Ruben Torres has asked that if anyone who won't be attending MicroCon, or for those of you who want to do this in advance, wants to have questions asked of Marty Abrams, previous president of Mego, please send them along to me and I will compile them and pass them on to Ruben. Also, I will be having a party after the Con on Saturday, July 5th at my house in Chicago. Anyone attending the MicroCon is more than welcome to come on by. I'll be posting more info, times, and directions in the next week. If you think you might attend, please drop me a line under the Subject Heading of MICRO PARTY.

That's all for today. Happy hunting.



I added a direct link from the navigation bar to the login page of the Micro Messaging System for people who've already registered. We definitely need more people to actively participate in this. Speaking of participation, please take the time to join the Mego Mailing list. Instructions for how to do so are listed below and soon I'll be creating a seperate page for this as I think it's quite a nifty idea.

Another reason you should log on to the Micro Messaging System is that I've proposed that we all think about creating some sort of Micro or Space Toys Collecting Club. I'm interested in feedback, ideas, rants, etc. Check it out!

For those of you attending the MicroCon, I am planning on having some sort of drunken cookout party for the 4th of July. This will occur either that Friday night or possibly Saturday. IF you're going to the Con and want to come by for the party, drop me a line and I'll e-mail you details, including instructions on how to get to my house.



Ok. The experiment of using a dynamic What's New section has been certified premature due to the fact that the idiots over at Microsoft can't seem to get their PC version of Internet Explorer 100% JavaScript capable. The Mac version works fine of course! So, back to this static page for the time being.

For those of you who have not been able to view the What's New section for a few weeks now, there's a ton of new stuff! Just scroll down this list.

For the sake of convenience, I'm reiterating a few things here:

My for sale section is up and running. I'll be posting things I have for sale/trade on this page. Also, soon, I'll be posting a list of parts/items wanted.

We've added a message board. It's off to a good start, but you need to participate to make it worthwhile for me to keep it on there. I'll be adding a link to the login in page directly from the navigation bar very soon.

Thirdly, a fellow by the name of Robert Levy has a Mego Mailing list going. I and a few other Micronauts collectors have subscribed. Robert has asked me to get as many of you Micronauts collectors as I can to subscribe to the list and start actively discussing our hobby! It has been a lot of fun for me so far and I encourage anyone who doesn't mind getting 20 or so messages a day in their in-box to sign up! Instructions for doing so are listed below!

To contact the LIST ADMIN: e-mail mego-owner@s1.net

To SUBSCRIBE: Email mego-request@s1.net, with 'SUBSCRIBE' in the body

To UNSUBSCRIBE: Email mego-request@s1.net, with 'UNSUBSCRIBE' in the body

Be sure to post a "Hi everybody" introductory note after you join!

Upcoming items of interest. More Henshin Cyborg info! I just got some stuff in and man, am I excited! So of course, I'll be sharing all of my unbound Henshin joy with the reast of you! Look for more pics of costumes and accessories soon. Also I hope to be able to offer a CD full of goodies for fellow collectors at a nominal fee. It's gonna be expensive for me to put together, but I promise it'll be worth it... More on this next time!

Enjoy. Over and out.


Plenty of new stuff today. First off, Lobstros has been added to the In Focus section! Check out the six detail shots and more descriptive text.

We also added a second Micronauts ad to the Catalogs & Ads section. This one is from Issue six of the Micronauts comic and features those nutty guys, the Trons.

To top it all off, we have updated the Metal Man section a bit more, this time with pictures of Radons Flying Saucer (I am looking for one if anyone has one to trade or sell!) and Major Mercurys NASA 1.

And be sure to check out the new Micro Messaging System!


Just a quick note to let everyone know I have finally put up my for sale list on the "For Sale" page. You can reach it directly by going to http://www.tezcat.com/~sensoria/forsale.html. Be sure to check out the new Micro Messaging System!


Ok, this is a biggie (well, in terms of the work I had to do to get it running!). I am pleased to announce that the Micro Messaging System is up and running! This message board is for posting of messages related to Micronauts or other toy collecting that you, the user, deem relevant! I hope you will take the time to pop in, register, and post! Also, please give me feedback as well!

And to alay fears, the only reason you are required to register is so that no one else can pose as you and post in your name. I do not keep track of who is registered, nor do I care to. So check it out! First, go read the instructions, then from there, go register, and then log in!


The Fan Art section of the site is finally up and running! There are contributions from Chris Miller and Michael Jaecks so far, with more to come. Got something you want to submit? Get in touch with Ron!


We added a brand-spanking new Henshin Cyborg area to the Related Toys section! There is a History section and a growing Costumes section as well. Soon we will be adding pictures of the figures themselves and other items as well!

Another recent addition comes in the form of a nice scan of the Metal Man Major Mercurys Rocket Refueling Backpack and Radons phaser, both in the Metal Man section, under Accessories.


Well, we added the rotating banner thingamajig and some other Javascript enhancements as promised. Provided you are using a browser that can handle JavaScript, you should be seeing new features such as this dynamic Whats New section, which keeps track of the last time you came by and only feeds you the most recent updates. Other enhancements include the rotating links block in the navigational bar to the left, and some customized greetings having to do with where you came from to get here and what the current day, month and year is. Hope you enjoy all this stuff! More on the way soon!

Also added a link or two to the links page and some new faces in the credits area (do not worry Willy, you will be on there soon!).


We redesigned the initial homepage and the navigational menu, relocating it to the left side in order to free up some room for people with non-mega-sized monitors. We also added a links page, with links to plenty of non-micronauts sites that we think you will find interesting.

More changes are on the way, including a rotating banner thingamajig and some other Javascript enhancements. Also, we have heard rumors that Lobstros was spotted approaching the site! He is getting nearer!

Also, we are officially starting the rumor that Equestron may have been more than just a prototype... Well, it is just a rumor...


Plenty of new box art today. all of it can be reached through the Box Art section.

Italian Emperor
Italian Taurion
Fantanauti Wiscid
Fantanauti Uragan (moved from the Fantanauti section, which has been reorganized and new information added.)
Carded green Acroyear
Carded red Acroyear
Carded orange Airfix Time Traveler
Carded grey Pharoid
Carded Wind-Up Motors

As mentioned above, we also reworked the Fantanauti section. Check it out.

We have added a detailed look at Lobros in the Focus On... section. There are a total of six nice, large pictures of Lobros, showing off his antennae, glowing brain and scaly hide! Do not miss this one...

That is all for now.


We are in a manic frenzy here, so here is some more stuff in a vain attempt to sate the insatiable hunger for more micro information.

We have added a brand-spanking new section called Focus On... to the Rare and Interesting Pieces section. Focus On... will feature a more detailed look at some of the toys in our growing collections, with detail photos and more information than usual. We are also making an effort to uniquely design each subject page around the contents a little better than in the past. Let us know how we are doing.

For the first round of Focus On... we have reports on:

Rescue Command Build Base
Lady Command Ai
New Microman Bio Suit

All the above can be accessed from the Focus On... page or directly through the links above.

Much more on the way!