Cyborg - This is the 8" UK version of the Henshin Cyborg figure, simply called Cyborg in England.

Muton - This is the 8" UK version of King Waldar, called Muton in England.

Android - This is the 8" UK version of Android A, simply called Muton.

Henshin Cyborg -

King Waldar - The evil foe of Henshin Cyborg. This is the 12" Japanese version. There are three colors shown here, Purple, Blue and Yellow. There is also a Green version. Each came with hand attachments as shown on the Yellow version.

Shonen Cyborg -

Android A -

Invaders -

Cyborg Jaguar - The animal sidekick of Henshin Cyborg, Jaguar had quite a few costumes and accessories as well. Jaguar was never released as part of the British series. Shown here are two versions of Jaguar (out of four); one with a blue interior and one with a gold interior.

Boy Cyborg Knockoff- This is a blow-mold knockoff of Henshin Cyborg. I believe it is approximately 8 inches tall. Thanks to Bwana for the pics.