Welcome to Focus On... where we spend a little more time and waste a little more film to give you an in-depth look at selected pieces that we think are interesting enough to warrant a close-up look.


We've got a full plate to start you off with, so dig in and enjoy...

U611 Acroyear Study Uniquer - Hey, you can stick a pencil up his butt, what more can I say!?

M11x series contemplate the drug culture...

M23x series visit Rod Sterlingville.

Microman Rescue Command Build Base - an in-depth analysis of Microman's base of operations, including 14 close-up pictures.

Bootleg Microman - The title says it all!

Centaurus - No words, just great close-up shots!

Lady Command Ai - Lady Command exposed!

Lion Maru - A detailed look at the Henshin Cyborg Lion Maru in all his maned glory! Five shots grouped together on one page for a chunky download.

Lobros - The scaly one in all his glory! A set of six shots.

Lobstros - The one you've been waiting for... A six picture expose on the king of all aliens vehicles!

New Microman Bio Suit - an up close and personal gander at the man behind the armor.