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Eventually I will expand this section to be comprehensive, but until then, you should do yourself a favor and check out Paul Lorphanpaibul's Microman 21 site. It is very complete and an excellent source for Microman 21 pics and information!



Microman 21 5 figure set

Microman Commando 1 & 2


Witness the rebirth of Microman! In 1996, Roman-Do, a hobby model company in Japan, released a 20th anniversary single figure set and a five figure set of Microman figures, primarily aimed at the collecting community.

The first figure to be released, named Edge, is a gold edition of the classic M15X Microman Command 1 series of figures. A Gold M15X never existed, making this one very special. Edge also comes with a black and white Microman Analysis Book that contains a history of Microman and its origins in the Henshin Cyborg series of toys. Unfortunately, it is not in English.

Following closely on Edge's heels was the five figure set, duplicating the M15X series and adding another new color figure to the mix. This figure is a smoky clear color and comes in a smoky grey capsule. This set of figures includes a xeroxed booklet called All That Microman, which is basically a complete checklist of the entire Microman line! This checklist is the basis for this site's comprehensive listing of original series Microman pieces.

In October/November of 1996, Roman-Do followed up the original two sets with two more sets that were released simultaneously. These are the Microman Commando sets 1 and 2. Each set has three figures and they replicate the M16X series as well as add two new colors to the allotment. These sets also include a revised version of All That Microman.

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