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Welcome to the ever-expanding Gallery of Interesting Pieces. Here you will find larger, more detailed photos of various Micronauts and Micronauts related toys. Above is a link to Ruben Torres' mighty large collection of Microman and other pieces. Below are links to other interesting toys! Enjoy.

Aliens - This is a group shot of Kronos, Centaurus and Lobros from the back of the Sharkos box.

Climbleader - This is the Taiwanese version of the Police Keeper Climbleader.

Count Magno - Apparently, there is a greenish grey version of Count Magno in addition to the grey one pictured here. He's an Inter-Changeable, based on Karza.

Emperor - Big Emperor of all Micronauts makes his evil appearance here, menacing all around him! His hatred seethes through his rotting green teeth...

Emperor Dementia - Emperor Dementia is the leader of the Evilites, enemies of the Lords of Light. This is a not-so-great picture of the figure still on the card.

Ga-Keen - The mighty Ga-Keen! This manga character was folded into the Microman line just as Geag was, at approximately the same time as well. Ga-Keen is also a 3-1/2" diecast figure. There were two versions of Ga-Keen, each featuring a slightly different wingpack. Ga-Keen was never made into an 8" Magno-Powered version like Geag was. Too bad...

Galactic Defenders - This is the complete set of three figures. If he who dies with the most stuff wins, Galactic Defender has the rest of the Micronauts beat hands down...

Geag - The forefather of all the magnetic figures in existence throughout the Microman/Micronauts line! Don't let his bright colors fool you, he'll kick your ass in a New York minute!

Geag (small version) - Ok, he's not nearly as cool as the larger version, but the 3-1/2" Geag is still pretty damned impressive! This Geag was part of the regular Microman line and is entirely diecast except for the wingpack (which came in three colors), which I'm sure you'll all recognize.

Green Baron - He's the original Mean Green Fightin' Machine. This is the Italian version.

Gun Robo - This .357 Magnum Gun Robo (it's really a snub-nose .38) is from Gig's Italian Trasformers line, which is to say, their license of Takara's Transformers. I'm not sure how many Transformers made it to Italy, but the Gun Robos do seem to be the main thrust of the line. Here you will find three photos of the Gun Robo: an overall shot; a close-up of the leg with the embossed name; and the Robo in transformed gun mode, with the scope sight mounted.

Gyro - The Microman Gyro is an odd little weapons platform/vehicle for the Microman figure that comes with him. This is just one of the many configurations. It is shown with the orange M273 figure that came with it as well as a common blue Micronauts Pharoid.

King Atlas - The blood-red twin of Green Baron, presumably higher up in the food chain if his title is any indicator. A beautiful figure and one of the hardest to obtain of all the Italian Micronauts (c'mon, everybody has an Emperor, right!?).

Kronos - Perhaps the most evil and most sought after of the Micronauts aliens, Kronos is one of the most finely molded pieces in the Micronauts line. In this picture, his ominous nature is shown in it's full glory!

Magnetics Unite! - A group shot of five different Magno-Powered figures. They look mighty nice all lined up and ready to stomp some hapless, measly Time Traveler into little plastic bits!

Membros- Argh! The evil orange-brained Membros, the alien with the worst hairdo! 'Nuff said!

Nuovi Baron Karza - Baron Karza has gone midnight blue and silver-grey! This is a picture of Baron Karza as he was released by Gig as part of the Nuovi Micronauti (New Micronauts). The Nuovi Micronauti were licensed from Hourtoy's Inter-Changeables line. This makes the Nuovi Baron Karza a clone of Count Magno.

Nuovi Megas - The elusive New Megas makes an appearance, showing off his differences when compared to the original Italian Megas. The devil is in the details.

Pharoid - Not just any Pharoid! This is a rare variant of the type 1 Takara-made Pharoid. You all know the story of the type 1 and 2 Pharoids. Well, this is a type 1 Pharoid, only he is a pearlized silver color with little gold flecks. That color and those flecks make him the exact duplicate of an M164 Microman. This one pictured here only has the word "Japan" on his backside, as do all type 1's. But, another one that we have has the word "Takara" right above the word "Japan," making him indistinguishable from the real M164. Apparently, the first set of Pharoids all came with flecks in their bodies; even the red and blue ones. It is suspected that these versions are extremely rare.

Red Falcon - Probably the the apex of the Micronauts Magnetics, Red Falcon is an entity unto himself. He simply doesn't fit in with the rest of the line. That doesn't stop him from being a really nice figure though. Three really large pictures show some of the details of the indubitable Red Falcon.

Solarion - One of the hardest to find of the domestically released Micronauts vehicles.

Star Defender - Star Defender registers in as the vehicle that takes up the most space! It is also the second hardest to find vehicle, right behind the Taurion. Star Defender includes two Solarions and a Taurion as part of its own vehicle.