They Were Extendable is a website dedicated to the collecting of Micronauts/Microman and related toys. This site was created and is maintained by me, Ron Pringle.Anything that isn't copyrighted by some other company like Takara, etc. is copyright 1997 by me, Ron Pringle. Please ask for permission to use anything on this site. I'm a nice guy, I'll probably let you!

I owe a lot of thanks to Matt Hayes, who has provided me with a lot of information and content for this site. In particular, Matt is mainly responsible for the Microman section of the site, along with his friend Michiko Olson, who did all of the translation work on the original Japanese text.

If you have any information, comments or questions, please feel free to contact me via e-mail by clicking on my name above.

The main reason this site is still around after over a year now, is because of the unwavering support of a few close friends of mine, who, along with yours truly, constitute the Gang of Five! The other four troublemakers are Michael Jaecks, Ray Miller, Erik Larsen and Willy Jones. I had the great pleasure of hosting and guiding this bunch of miscreants around Chicago during the 1997 MicroCon last July. They made the MicroCon fun, and they make working on this site less of a burden.

I would also like to acknowledge the following people for their contributions:

Mike Kunzelman for tons of experimenting with new and not-always-stable code.

Michiko Olson for the Japanese Microman translations.

Michael Jaecks for being my concience and sounding board.

Ruben Torres for being there first! Most of us weren't even thinking of Micronauts while this guy was going in debt for these toys! Ruben has also filled me up with a ton of information.

Willy Jones for all the support he's given this site, including info and photos of the Metal Men and the tips on the new "biotron". Willy is also responsible for the T-Shirt and Poster designs for the 1997 MicroCon. He's also a very patient man!

Leon Barber for the Greek Astrowarrior translations. I was clueless until Leon popped up out of the blue!

Chris Miller for the never-ending support and comments about how to improve this dump I call a website.

Ray Miller for spoonfuls of info and catalogs and for being one of the nicest guys I've ever had occasion to meet.

Mark Schwarz for getting me into this as deeply as I am in the first place. Mark was the first person to ever share info with me and he helped me along in the beginning by swapping many a loose part.

Chad Hensley for netting me my first big Henshin Cyborg deal.

Tom Vigneau getting most of us interested in Microman in the first place (much to his chagrin, I'm sure!). And of course, for his video which gave many of us our first peek at many a rare toy.

Erik Larsen for bringing us all together and for being there first! I cannot say enough about Erik. He is the sole reason we are even the palest shade of a cohesive collecting group. I'd go so far as to say that Erik's site is also responsible for the renewed interest in getting Micronauts toys remade. We owe him a lot as a group and I doubt we'll ever get to repay him in full!

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And you for visiting this site and supporting me with information and great deals!





And lest I forget, I really owe my wife a great deal of thanks for putting up with my increasingly out-of-control obsession with these damned toys of my yesteryear! She's all-around ginchy!