The Lady Command series, only four figures total, is one of the most sought after sets of figures in the Microman collecting community. This is the only set of female figures in the Microman or related series of figures, including Micronauts, Henshin Cyborg, and the rest.

Everything about Lady Command sets them apart from the rest of the Microman line-up. Obviously, they're female; they wear hooped skirts; they sport some type of headphone devices over their ears; and they come with leg wings that can also be attached to peg holes on their back to give them the appearance of angels!

The Capsule, too, is quite unique, modeled after the Statue of Liberty, the greatest nationalistic female icon in modern history.

Below are thumbnails with descriptions of the last Lady Command figure in the line; M184 - Ai. The pictures highlight some of the unique detailing of the Lady Command series. More pictures will be made available soon. Unfortunately, I do not possess the capsule or wings that went with the figure, so you won't be seeing those...

A high-angle shot showing Ai's unique earphones, skirt and chest sculpting. The flower applique in the center of her stomach is actually a rigidly molded part of the skirt and does not move with the upper body.


A full back view of Ai. From here it is easy to see the proportions of the skirt. Note the two smaller holes located near each shoulder blade: these are the holes where the leg wings can be alternately attached to turn the Lady Command figures into angels; angels of fury, one would assume!