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The mighty Build Base; the very nerve center from which the Microman Command fights the battle against ever-encroaching evil! The Build Base is easily the largest piece in the Microman line, and definitely the largest of the bases. It is a three-level base with fold-open access to the two bottom levels reminiscent of the G.I. Joe Action Team HQ from Hasbro.

The Build Base has a whole slew of features, many shown below in detail shots. It comes with a set of pulleys and a rubber band that you can hook up to operate various features. It has a slide (not pictured here) that extends from the second floor to the ground for emergency escapes; a working crane (shown below with a wounded Antron in tow); a rotating command seat; various other seats and consoles; a vehicle launching ramp that folds down; a large roof-mounted gun that fires suction darts; and a rooftop-mounted radar station, complete with rotating command seat! The radar and command seat, as well as the double seat on the second floor, are all automated via a battery-powered motor mounted under the radar apparatus. The batteries go into a compartment underneath the white seat. There is an on/off switch behind this seat.

Some elements of the build base might look a little familiar to Micronauts collectors. Components of the Base use the same interlocking technology that all of the Micronauts playsets use, though here it is combined with a large amount of static, molded architecture (better on the fingers!). Though not shown below, the Build Base comes with a great deal of extra pieces in the tradition of the Micronauts playsets. These consist of beams and snap-on grids that can be attached to the walls of the Build Base itself, allowing you to customize it to your heart's desire. Better yet, since the main components of the Build Base are compatible with all Micronauts playsets, you can join any of them together in wild new permutations!

Build Base comes in a large box with a plastic handle on the top, allowing you to pick it up and carry it along wherever you go, if you so desire. From an American collector's standpoint, probably one of the coolest things about the Build Base is that it comes with a giant, near 8-1/2 X 11" catalog titled Microman Mook! The Microman Mook, or Book rather, displays a dizzying array of Microman figures, vehicles and playsets from across the Microman line! There are also entire sections of the book devoted to showing the interchangeability of the Microman line, complete with small Japanese boys in 7th heaven, surrounded by Microman! The back of the catalog also contains a complete visual index of all Microman figures released up to that point. The Microman Mook is pretty much the holy grail of Microman catalogs; about as close as you can get to a complete overview of the entire line. In fact, more than a few of the vehicle pictures in the Microman section of this site are taken from this catalog.

Below is a visual menu of detail shots of the mighty Build Base. Click on the thumbnail to view a full size picture. Enjoy!

Radar base seat, with battery compartment below.

Rotating radar seat.

Suction gun!

Crane, shown mounted on right side of base.

The two front panels, in closed position.

Bubble window detail shot, with a Micronaut inside.

Vehicle runway hatch in down position, showing the interior, right side.

Fully opened base, frontal shot, showing both levels.

A command module located on the bottom level in the swing-out wall section.

An opaque Time Traveler in the interior command seat. This seat is attached to the radar assembly on the roof and rotates as well.

Full frontal view, showing the two swing-out sections in opened mode.

A vertical shot of the right side of the Build Base, showing the crane with Antron in tow.

A full shot of the backside of the Base, which consists of two printed cardboard panels.

Detail shot of the rotating rooftop radar assembly.