Being a Microman can be rough. You're generally skinny and not protected by a whole hell of a lot of armor! No wonder the Microman line went kaput in 1980! Well, never let it be said the Microman doesn't learn from his past mistakes, because in the New Microman line-up, Bio Suit armor was introduced, and Microman was transformed into the incredible bulk!

Actually, Takara was keeping up with the times by adding a mecha-type to the Microman line-up. The Bio Suit is a snap model kit, like some other Microman pieces. It literally snaps together in an incredibly complex way that allows a figure (also snap-together) to fit inside and also, incredibly, allows for full torso movement of the mecha! Did I mention actual firing guns? That shoulder mounted gun, above, actually fires off a dual missile. It can also be dismounted from the shoulder and fitted into the Bio Suit's hand (either one) as a hand-held weapon via the round peg that you see jutting out the side.

To top it off, this particular Bio Suit (there are two) is molded in two tones; drab olive green and a gunmetal grey, which makes it look very cool and menacing. In general, the snap model kits were meant to be painted, like a regular model, but the two-tone color combination of this Bio Suit is fine enough to stand on it's own.

Below are three thumbnails that lead to larger pictures showing more details of the Bio Suit.

An enlarged, uncropped version of the header photo, showing the grey Microman inside the Bio Suit. Other details incude a working shoulder cannon and jointed arms at the shoulder, elbows and wrists.

A closer version shot, taken from the same angle as the above. The chest sculpting is more visible as is the detailing of the Microman's face.

A large back view of the Bio Suit. From here, you can see the back legs of the interior Microman figure. Other features to note are the ubiquitous peg hole in the center of the back, and the joints of the legs and torso. The legs feature movement at the knees, torso and feet! The torso can also twist to a limited degree, but is hindered by the fact that the interior Microman's legs are positioned inside the leg sections of the Bio Suit.