Accessory Sets

The Metal Man line was fleshed out with a series of 11 accessory sets. These were sets unique to each figure in the original line and are as follows:

Sgt. Silver, Policeman Sets

Roadblock/Radio Backpack set

This set consisted of a backpack that fit on Sgt. Silver's back and a police "Caution" Roadblock.

Searchlight/Bullhorn set

A searchlight that appears to be battery-powered and a handheld bullhorn.

Radon Robot Sets

Recharge Capsule set

A recharge capsule that looks very similar to a Microman capsule.

Sky Sled set

Looks like a miniature version of the 12 inch G.I. Joe's hydra sled.

Armor & Ray Gun set

Armor that is similar in feel to the Hoodman helmets and a phaser-like gun.

Corporal Chrome Soldier Sets

Stretcher/Medical set

Consisted of a stretcher, medical back pack & hand-carried bag.

Commando set

A nice little raft with paddle and a fist full of dynamite!

Flamethrower set

Flamethrower with back pack, grenade belt, and machine gun.

Major Mercury Spaceman Sets

Rocket Repair Unit set

Consisted of a huge, oversized back pack unit with some sort of fuel nozzle.

Levitation Platform set

A space sled of some sort.

Rocket Back Pack set

A jet rocket back pack, again a bit oversized.