"He twists and turns, curves and bends - on earth or in outer space, he's fascinating! Dynamic, super agility from four individual 3 1/2" rugged die-cast figures, each awaiting your command to enter new dimensions of bold adventure!"

Metal Man is an interesting side note to the Microman toys of the seventies. Metal Man was a series of figures produced by the Hong Kong company Zee Toys. Zee is best known for manufacturing and marketing a venerable line of die cast cars, trucks and motorcycles. Zee also had a number of subsidiary companies, and Metal Man was distributed under at least one of these subsidiary's names, Zylmex, as well as under the Zee name. But, essentially, same company, same toy.

The Metal Man line was produced in 1977 and possibly 1978, and contained a small number of 3-1/2 inch tall, all metal figures. Most of these figures were humanoid-based adventurers such as an astronaut, soldier and policeman. Obviously, these had no relation to Microman or the Micronauts. There was a robot in the first series, named Radon, that also has little relation to Microman. He does, however, have feet that are identical to the feet found on Galactic Warrior.

Later, however, in a second, and possibly final, series, another two robots were released. These were Questar and Roton. They are of great interest to Microman collectors, as both are almost exact duplicates of the Microman version of Ga-keen.