Cyborg Station CX.1 - A suitcase-like recharging station and storage locker for Henshin Cyborg! Includes a battery-powered rotating recharge device which flashes red and blue beams that recharge Henshin's nuclear chest device.

Cyborg Rider Accessory Set #2 - This is one of three carded accessory sets made to add on to any of the motorcycle vehicles. This particular set includes a number of items with ruby red translucent parts. Some of the items are made to go on the motorcycle itself while others are made to attach directly to the Henshin Cyborg figure.

Hand Accessory Set - One of many hand accessory kits. This set of five hand attachments is made to simply slide over the hand and forearm of the figure.

Android Mark A Replacement Legs - A set of smokey black translucent replacement legs for Android Mark A. These legs are partially chrome-plated machinery and are just one of a whole series of "bionic" replacement limbs and weaponry. There are even replacement robot heads for Android Mark A!

Tread Wheels & Hand Accessory Set - A set of treaded tank-like vehicles meant to replace the feet, as well as two replacement hand "weapons", one of which actually has a string-attached projectile which shoots out of the end! There were literally tons of these accessory sets. Some others include roller skate feet replacements and a hand attachment that is a ball and chain!