Lobstros is thee hardest to find Micronauts item ever, unless you count Equestron and Iguanos. He seems to be one of the few Italian Micronauts pieces that are actually, truly rare, even in Italy. I only personally know of two in existence. Surely there are more somewhere!

Well, wonder no more about this guy. Below are six detail shots of Lobstros to complement the singular overhead shot on the Lobstros page

Lobstros is unique in a lot of ways. The most significant is that he's not a cheap piece of crap! Lobstros is a solid, well-designed toy that has a great amount of detail molding. Speaking of molding, Lobstros is molded in three difference colors, unlike Hornetroid and Terraphant (both molded in two colors). Lobstros also features spongy rubber feelers instead of hard plastic ones! This adds a great deal to the overall success of the toy. Another nice feature of Lobstros is that you can actually fit Lobros in the cockpit! And the cockpit canopy is made of a smoked, semi-transparent plastic instead of the somewhat uglier clear plastic that is shown on the prototype which is featured on the boxes.

Well, see for yourself! Check out the six thumbnails which lead to bigger pictures of the ultimate creepy crawler!