At left is the front box art for the 20th anniversary Microman figure, named Edge. The box is made of heavy corrugated cardboard with sparse lithographic printing, depicting a caricature of the M115 Tower Base. Inside is a series of corrugated cardboard inserts surrounding the silver Easter Island style capsule of the gold figure named Edge.

Edge is a beautiful figure. He is all gold except for the bird symbol on his chest and his head, both of which are silver. He also has black hands and feet and a set of gold thigh winglets. He is modeled after the M15X series just like his brethern in the 5-man set.

Edge also came with a book, titled the Microman Analysis Book. This book covers the history of the Microman line, tracing its roots back to Hasbro's G.I. Joe and Takara's subsequent Henshin Cyborg toy lines. Below is the cover from the Microman Analysis Book.