Below is a picture of the Nicmachine 2, as well as the front box art and the instruction sheet. This is one of the the Blue Timanic's two vehicles, the other being a race car. The NicMachine 2 is very similar in style and design to a rare I Micronauti vehicle called the Hyperion.

Both NicMachines sport a rocket launcher and a plastic encased metal girder system that makes the vehicles somewhat interchangeable and also serves to hold the figures in place via magnetism. Another little oddity about the NicMachines is that they both utilize small black wheels with wire rod axles. These wheels are basically just larger versions of Hot Wheels wheels, and just about as sturdy! Which is to say, not very!

Both NicMachines are somewhat out of scale in comparison to the figures themselves, but they are a solid build and design and quite interesting.