Several hundred million years ago, when the Earth was still from of a flame, in a galaxy far away,there was MicroEarth which in an environment equivalent to the earth, the Micronauts were building a utopia.

But suddenly it caused a mysterious big eruption and vanished from the galaxy system...

But with strong vital force, the Micronauts were able to hibernate inside the crystal force created by the big eruption, and wandered in space. Years afterwards, the rays from the sun caused them to suddenly awaken from their sleep...

As soon as the Micronauts reached the earth, they started to investigate to see if this planet could serve as their new homeland. Earth was a land of titans.

After gathering various information, the Micronauts had concluded that they would build a new utopia on this planet. as their detailed plan was being built and their investigation progressed, a peculiar piece of information was found. There was a sign that there might be other allies on this planet.

When the big eruption occured, some of their allies were transformed inside the crystal and somehow reached the earth. By researching their re-hibernation to life again, they built a tower base. And now they were ready to fire the MX rays.


The preceding came from a T-shirt with the a sampling of the Microman story printed on it in Japanese. What you just read is the subsequent translation.

Stay tuned! More to come!