Welcome to the Post-1980's era of Microman, sometimes referred to as New Microman, after the first figures released as part of the line. New Microman is kind of a rebirth for the Microman line. The toy market was rapidly changing as the new decade started out, and a shift from the 1970s sci-fi themes to a more mechanical and robotic them can be seen as Takara progressed through the New Microman line, finally ending up with the Transformers in 1984. The Transformers were borne of the ashes of the Micro Change series of New Microman toys. Many of the last Micro Change pieces were reincarnated as Transformers, some as especially rare mail-away offers.

Below, you will find a rundown of the entire New Microman line for the years 1981 to 1983-4. Sometime in 1984 Microman was discontinued and marketing gears were shifted to come up with the Transformers line. As our knowledge of Transformers increases, we will make every effort to relate which Microman pieces became Transformers.