Kronoform: A Totally Unique Space Age Concept

"Kronoform Invacepton Robotic World. This is the Kronoform Robotic World. The originators are protectors of the universe directed by Diakron Commanders. The Terminators are evil robots attempting to force their rule. Create your Kronoform Robotic World with this space age concept."

The above is from the box of the Kronoform Invecepton. I don't know much about this line, except that it seems to be a U.S. marketed spin-off of the New Microman line. The Invecepton ship itself is basically just a Microman Cosmic Attack Fighter. The line also included a series of Kronoform Time Machines which are transforming wristwatches. These probably equate to some Transformers, but I can't be sure. The most interesting pieces by far in this line are Togor and Modulator...

Kronoform Invecepton

Kronoform MultiForce

Kronoform Time Machines

Kronoform Attackon

Kronoform Togor

Kronoform Modulator