Below are links to the complete foldout catalog that was packaged with the M26X series of figures. The pictures here are actually larger than the original catalog! The pictures are, in order, the inside front panel, inside panel 1, inside panel 2, back panel 1, back panel 2, and back cover.

There is a ton of info in these tiny little catalogs. This particular one focuses on the Microman Rescue series of figures, vehicles and playsets, as well as the Acroyear Amazons and their introduction into the line. This section of the Microman Story also explains the introduction of the Acroyear Amazons and their inarticulate buddies! We are hoping to have a translation of this section of the storyline in the near future, as well as larger versions of the pictures in the story line section. Stay tuned!

Panel 1

Story Scene 1

Panel 2

Story Scene 2

Panel 3

Story Scene 3

Panel 4

Story Scene 4

Panel 5

Story Scene 5

Panel 6

Story Scene 6

Story Scene 7