Just when you thought you'd seen it all, along comes something tantalizingly new! Or maybe we should say "nuovi"! Sitting in front of you is the box for the Italian version of Andromeda, only this isn't the same I Micronauti Andromeda as usual. In fact, this is actually a "New Micronaut" Andromeda released by Gig in Italy in 1983.

As you might be able to tell, the New Micronauti are based on the Inter-Changeables, not the original Mego Micronauts. The box art is the same as for the Inter-Changeables, as is the color of the actual toy. Also, the box itself is constructed of the same thick, corrugated cardboard and has the same cheap plastic tray as Hourtoy's Inter-Changeables line. There is also Hourtoy copyright info on the box.

This particular Andromeda is a medium gray, the same color as the Count Magno shown on this site, with bright red detailing. It should be noted that the box does say that color may vary, so it is possible that there are other color variations of this New Andromeda.