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Lady CommandWow. This site is really old! I’m working on cleaning up the site and the code and the images and the... etc. Until then, I’m making available the archived version of the old site. Please bear with me! The original site was created in the 1996-98 range, and it really shows it’s age and my relative lack of experience with web design. We’ve come a long way since then!

Still, there’s plenty of cool Micronauts/Microman and other related toy goodness in these “archives” to keep people busy reminiscing for a while.

Micronauts, what hath befallen thee?

I don’t even collect Micronauts or Microman toys any longer. It’s hard to believe that, when I consider how much time, effort and money I spent on seeking those toys out. Frankly, I got burned out. I began to not really enjoy the craziness and the insane amounts of money I had to spend just to get a little tiny piece of plastic. By the time I stopped, eBay had really taken off and the re-releases of the Micronauts toys had drawn a lot more people into the collecting fold. I just didn’t feel up to competing for the toys any longer.

A funny thing happened though. I had stumbled across Henshin Cyborg, the forefathers of Microman and Micronauts, and had slowly gotten hooked on them. They were harder to find, often more costly, and few people in the United States collected them. Hell, there wasn’t even a good compiled list of all the pieces in the line. The slowed pace, the draw of having to investigate the line and the characters they represented, the painstaking work in making connections in Japan and within the small U.S. collecting community, and the technical challenges of seeking pieces out on Yahoo Japan all drew me in. Before I knew it, I was slowly selling and trading off my Micronauts and Microman collection to get more Henshin Cyborg pieces.

Over the last 10 years I’ve amassed a decent collection of Henshin Cyborg, and I’ve mapped out the line and its history along the way. I’m in the middle of creating a site to share that information. It’s still a work in progress, but you can view it at the Project Rebirth 7 web site. Just mind the links, many of them still don’t work.

So anyhow, I hope you enjoy poking around this site. I’ll be cleaning it up and re-presenting the information over the fall and winter (like I don’t have enough other crap to do) and hopefully, when it gets into shape, I’ll just leave it as a kind of time capsule present to all the Micro fans. To be sure there are bigger, better and more informed sites out there. Don’t look to this one to be any more than a simple slice in time of one man’s collecting craziness.

Thanks, and enjoy.