Red Timanic Space Traveler

The Timanic Space Traveler is, essentially, a giant Time Traveler-like figure! He stands about 8 inches tall, has large Time Traveler type hands and feet, and has snap-on body armor and a helmet (or mouthpiece)! Though there are ever only two Timanic figures pictured on any of the boxes, there are actually three. In addition to the red and blue Timanic figures, there is a white one that is identical to the red one. This white figure is apparently the hardest of the three to find.

The Timanic figures sport colored transparent sections in their heads and bodies. They also have two vertical magnetic strips on their backs that allow them to be attached to the vehicles and held in place. You can also touch the positive and negative of a battery to each of the two strips and get the figures to light up! Obviously they are supposed to light up by some means. Despite this, the two Nicmachines contain no mechanisms within them to accomodate this feature. Perhaps the other two vehicles do, but we don't know at this time.