Micro Borg

Cosmo Prisma
Cosmo ?
Cosmo Spark

Micro Robot
Micro Robot Real Type MR01
Micro Robot Real Type MR02
Micro Robot Real Type MR03
Each comes in three camouflage color variations; City,Mountain and Jungle

Armored Machine

Cosmic Fighter

Armored Suits DX (Real Type)


Remodeling Plan

Mighty Suit 1 Remodeling Kit
Mighty Suit 2 Remodeling Kit
Mighty Suit 3 Remodeling Kit

Micro Robot

R09 Micro Hurricane
R10 Micro Typhoon
R11 Micro Cyclone
Color drawings of the above figures

Micro Robot

Micro Robot W

&Micro;Robot W is composed of MR09-11 (see above). The three figures converged to form the much bigger robot, as shown in the schematic on the right. In essence, Micro Robot W is just a set of the three Micro Robots which were sold individually.

Micro Robot
Micro Robot 7
figure 004 Eiji included

Micro Robot 7 is comprised of Micro Robots R12-R18, which, to my knowledge, were not sold as individual figures. There do seem to be, however, two other variations of Micro Robot 7: the Three Walker and the Four Walker.

New Acroyear
Acro Satan

Acro Satan came in four colors: Red, Black, Dark Blue (shown) and Dark Green. Acro Satan is bendable!