New Microman

001 Aromu

002 Iria

003 Uiri

004 Eiji

005 Oruga

006 Kamui

007 Kiruku

008 Kureo

009 Kenji

010 Korona

New Acroyear

Acro Blue

Acro Green

Acro Red

Mighty Suits

Mighty Suit 1

Mighty Suit 2

Mighty Suit 3

figure 002 Iria included

figure 003 Uiri included

figure 004 Eiji included

Micro Robots

(MR1) Micro Robot 1

(MR2) Micro Robot 2

(MR3) Micro Robot 3

colors: Dark Blue, Red, Dark Green

Micro Robot

Micro Robot 1-2-3 Set

Micro Gunder 3

Micro Gunder 3 with figure

Micro Gunder 3

Magma Gunder

Cosmo Gunder

Earth Gunder

figure 006 Kamui included

figure 007 Kiruku included

figure 008 Kureo included

Micro Change

MC04 Micro Rider

figure 004 Eiji included

Micro Robot

Micro Robot V

Micro Robot

Micro Robot V (Real Type)

Micro Robot

Micro Bazooka MR04

Micro Python MR05

Micro Mosell(?) MR06

Micro (?) MR07

Micro Magnum MR08

If you look at the picture on the bottom of the Micro Robot V, you can see the different weapons platforms that MR04-MR08 transform into. That makes these figures unique in that they are some of the few that bridge the gap between the increasingly Transformer-like Micro Change line and the older Microman figures.