Above is the box art for the Kronoform MultiForce. This is a very nice 6 inch tall robot that is made of 14 separate Diakron ships. The MultiForce also came with two tiny little guys with small magnets in their feet. These little figures will also fit into the very first Japanese Transformers! So if you were wondering why that Transformer has a little cockpit, now you know.

This piece seems to exist somewhere in limbo, caught between the New Microman line and the subsequent Transformers line. I don't know if this corresponds to any specific Transformer, but I suspect that it does. Seemingly, none of the Kronoform line is original; every piece seems to have had a prior history in Japan before making the journey to America in the guise of a Kronoform.

Diakrons are also sometimes referred to as Diaclones,which is a misinterpretation of the Japanese spelling.