Holy cow! It's the vehicle from Damnation Alley! You can almost see George Peppard and Jan Michael Vincent behind the wheel on the way to Detroit!

Actually, Modulator is much cooler than that. See that chrome button on top? If you push that, the two halves of the ship split apart to reveal the command center inside (with room for a few Diakron commanders) and the undercarriage (you can see it in the bottom picture) with missiles and scout car slowly cranks forward until it's fully extended, at which point the missiles fire and the scout car is propelled forward! It's amazing in action. Perhaps a Quicktime movie will show up here on the site showing this little baby going through it's paces.

This vehicle is also called Cosmo Roller and is probably from the Microman line. I've also been told that this vehicle showed up recently as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vehicle as well, but I have no pictures of this.

Click here for a close-up interior shot of the Modulator command center. And here is a shot from the box of the Modulator and Diakrons exploring a hostile new world...


There are also scans of the box for Modulator as well as for other Kronoform toys in the Box Art section.