Cyborg Rider - Motorcycle. What's unique about it is that a Henshin Cyborg figure, sans head, hands and feet, forms the bulk of the frame of the motorycle! There were two different Cyborg Rider sets (besides the Trike below): a Deluxe set that included a sidecar and cyborg figure; and the regular set with just the parts for the motorcycle itself.

Cyborg Rider Trike - This three-wheeler motorcycle's body is actually the sidecar section of the Deluxe Cyborg rider set. It comes with extra pieces, namely tires, axles and extra body parts to make it into it's own separate vehicle. Very nice set.

Cyborg Rider Accessory Set #2 - This is one of three carded accessory sets made to add on to any of the motorcycle vehicles. This particular set includes a number of items with ruby red translucent parts. Some of the items are made to go on the motorcycle itself while others are made to attach directly to the Henshin Cyborg figure.

Cybo-Invader - This is the Alien Invaders' UFO ship. It also includes the Cybo-Interceptor (see below), which also came boxed separately. Thanks to Anthony Marshall for the pics.

Cybo-Interceptor - The cockpit from the Cybo-Invader, sold separately, but shown here as part of the Cybo-Invader. These are the British versions of the toys.