A381 Fire Star

A382 Earth Star

A383 Sky Star

Sometimes called New Acroyear, it is essentially a re-release of the very first Acroyear figure with a cape added and some new colors.


Micro Hoodman

H721 Heilmann

H722 Lihaout

H723 Cardel

By 1979 Hoodman had been completely accepted as a Microman, so there was no need to keep the fleshtone face, the feature which helped in his recognition as Hoodman from the manga.

Heads are the familiar chrome, and the clear portion of the capsule featured concentric circles rather than the Hoodman logo. Hoods have a clear front and green back.


Microman Rescue

Rescue 1 Jetter

includes M251 Robin


Microman Rescue

Rescue 2 Bongo

includes M261 Chris


Microman Rescue

Rescue 1 & 2 Set

A boxed set that included the Rescue Jetter and Bongo


Microman Rescue

Rescue 3,4,5 set

includes M275 ???


Microman Rescue

Rescue Secret Base


Microman Rescue

Rescue Tower Base



Blue Amazon

Red Amazon

Green Amazon

The Acroyear Amazons, perhaps the most desired of all Acroyear figures. These figures use the same body as the A32X series, but with metallized chest plates. They carry a lance and their heads are translucent.

The figures come with a lance and another vinyl figure, their cohorts. They have a pinwheel on their backs. Easy to find, but expensive because of their desirability.


Microman Rescue

M251 Robin

M252 William

M253 Richard

This is the main series from 1979. It is the first model from the Rescue group. Vehicles and playsets were Takara's focus again that year, and accordingly the figures were simple. These figures feature the backpack/hose/handgun combo.


Microman Rescue

M261 Chris

M262 Adam

M263 James

This model, which is also part of the Rescue series, was released in tandem with the M25X group and featured a new case which allowed the owner to tap a pedal with his finger, causing a tiny Microman in a tube to shoot upward. Also has the now standard pack/hose/gun combo.


Microman Rescue






This group of figures was released along with the two sets described above. They have billy-club like guns.

An interesting and increasingly credible rumor about this group of figures is that M273, 274 and 275 were released as a three figure set directly to major chains in the USA, with English language packaging. It is a fact that these three figures were released as a set in Japan, and that the other two were released individually in Japan.


Rescue Servo

Rescue Servo 1,2,3,4


Rescue Servoman

Missiler & Data

There are actually two figure sets depicted here (see below for individual pictures). One is for the robot Data (the small blue guy) and the other is Missiler, the tall red guy. Missiler actually shoots his big missile head. Data comes with some very delicate antennae. Each set (the two were sold separately) came with a member of the Rescue Command series in the box. I get the feeling that the kids who were able to buy this one bought it for the robot and not the figure. These are very desired sets, and they are escalating in price, though they seem to be relatively common in Japan. Each set cost Y980 (a bargain!) in 1979.


Rescue Servoman

Missiler includes M252 William


Rescue Servoman

Data includes M262 Adam


Rescue Servoman

Gyroman (unreleased)



Robotman 2