Micro Hoodman
H701 Hans
H702 Regans
H703 Heinlich

The Hoodman figure is based on a manga character which existed outside the Microman story and was assimilated into it. The Hoodman figure is at least a full head shorter than the standard Microman figures.

They were less expensive than your average Microman and probably served as inspiration for Galactic Defender, or at least his hood. Most notably, H701 through H713 have faces which are painted in fleshtone, rather than chrome. They are the only Microman figures from the original line which have faces painted in this way.

Micro Hoodman
H711 Schultz
H712 Rudolph
H713 Earhardt

Also released in 1978, these three figures are grouped separately due to the color of the hoods and the capsules. These hoods were transparent blue while those of the other set of three were transparent yellow. Also note the difference in base color of the capsule - these figures came in medium blue colored capsules, where the figures above (H701-3) came in a capsule which was nearly black.

Kit Machine

01 Hood Liner

02 Hood Gyro

03 Hood Cart

04 Hood Cesna

05 Hood Razer

06 Hood Jetter

07 Hood Rotor

08 Hood Fighter

09 Hood Buggy

10 Hood Winder

Radio Controlled Hood Base
 RC-B Noah

Police Keeper
M231 Arnold
M232 Alex
M233 Arthur
M234 Anthony
M235 Aaron
M236 Alan

This is the main series from 1978, and it is very basic in its design because, by this point the vehicles and playsets had become Takara's focus. Each figure came with a backpack identical to that of Membros and a gun which attached to that backpack with a hose identical to Membros' hydrapipe. This Microman figure is easier to obtain than most.

Micro Hoodman
Micro Nasa

Police Keeper

Police Keeper
Air Roader

Police Keeper
Speed Jumper

Came in two colors: red and blue

Police Keeper
Build Dozer

Police Keeper
Speed Racer

Play Build

Build Bazooka
includes M231 Arnold

Play Build
Build Lancer
includes M232 Alex

Play Build
Build Crane
includes M233 Arthur

Play Build
Build Laser

Play Build
Build Wheel

Police Keeper
MC8 Micro Knight
MC9 Micro Knight
MC10 Micro Knight

The Microman Knights are almost as highly prized as the Lady Command series. The figures have no names, but they do have the Police Keeper shield and gun. MC 8, 9 and 10 were released first, but MC 11, 12 and 13 (listed below) never showed up in any catalogs and because few people knew to look for them, they are very hard to find today.

Police Keeper
MC11 Micro Knight
MC12 Micro Knight
MC13 Micro Knight

Police Keeper
Build Base

Titan Space Knight
T531 Adonis
T531 Antalus

The magno-powered Titan Space Knight. Assembles into a spaceship in much the same way Red Falcon assembles into a bird. The torso serves as the main body of the ship, and a nosecone, wings and tail attach to it.

Titan Space Knight in transformed state

T541 Space Condor

Titan Space Condor. Identical to the regular Condor, except the accessories that convert it to the spaceship are gold.

Titan Space Condor in transformed state

T542 Space Dober

Titan Space Dober. Identical to the regular Dober, except that the attachments which transform it into the motorcycle are gold.

Titan Space Dober in transformed state

Cosmo Satan Arden
A351 Helldar
A352 Laker
A353 Bulgar

Acroyear Arden. A full redesign of the Acroyear II, also meant to depict a different character though.

It's features are smoother and there are fewer right angles to it. Comes with a flexible cape. The cape is either plastic or cloth.


Arden Robo